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    Our look has changed, but our mission has not. This Wing is dedicated primarily to bring people together who share the same interest: playing a flight simulation that we all enjoy. Our goal here in the 56th is geared toward having fun flying online. We are all here to help each other learn this simulation, and to have fun doing so. All of our pilots each have their specialty so do not hesitate to ask questions when they arise. If you want a place where you're able to fly, learn, meet great people, make friends, and most importantly have fun, then we encourage you to look into our site. Here you will find the greatest virtual pilots to fly with! Passion for flying, passion for fun!
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    Weekly Flight Briefings

    D-Man - I had the same issue with the new the top right is the "direct download" option. they just moved it for some reason.

    F-Bear Yesterday, 21:53 Go to last post

    Weekly Flight Briefings

    Here you go Dman. I saw it coming and hit record just before it happened.

    TeeSquare Yesterday, 09:37 Go to last post

    Weekly Flight Briefings

    What kind of tease is this F-Bear... The story sounds too good to pass up, but when I try to download the .zip only the .vhs shows up and it tells me

    dman530 Yesterday, 01:14 Go to last post

    Weekly Flight Briefings

    Oh man that was a GREAT flight ! I urge everyone to go check out the tape from Friday's April 21st mission. Some highlights (for me):


    F-Bear 04-21-2018, 10:16 Go to last post

    308th Signup -- 4/20/2018 2000 MST (-7 GMT)

    Depending on if we have a jet WW. I might try to make it

    Cougar 04-20-2018, 03:38 Go to last post

    308th Signup -- 4/20/2018 2000 MST (-7 GMT)

    Signup for this weeks flight.

    I'm in.

    wrongway 04-19-2018, 23:11 Go to last post
  • 56th VFW Squadron Flight Times

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    63rd VFS Thursday and Friday at 9:00 PM EST
    308th VFS
    Friday at 8:00 PM MST
    309th VFS Arranged by Squadron CO
    310th VFS Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 AM EST currently beta testing

    - Recruiting for the 56th VFW is OPEN

    Flight times are subject to change. If anyone would like to fly on an off time, post on the forum a couple days in advance. Also, you can go to the forums and check TeamSpeak to see if anyone is already online. We are always wanting to fly but due to busy life schedules, most of us in the 56th need a "heads-up".
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